Learns more about the creative minds behind Ongelungel Arts.



Hans Ongelungel is a contemporary artist from the Republic of Palau. During the 1970s, he left the islands to pursue higher education in Idaho. 

Much of his artwork represents the simple island life he knew in his childhood and pays homage to his Micronesian culture.

His work has been displayed internationally. The Republic of Palau commissioned one of his paintings as a gift to the United States, where it is permanently at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Ongelungel labels all of his paints in order to identify the colors because he is color blind. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.



Sha has a bionic jaw and most of her leg.



Lilian is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Portland, Oregon with roots in the Republic of Palau. She draws, paints, curates, tattoos, tells stories, writes stories, teaches, takes pictures, and generally makes things. Lilian has been a featured presenter at Portland’s Tender Table series, Food Workers Resist, Mark Menjivar’s Migration Stories, and at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle. When she isn’t exploring stories, you can usually find her creating visual art, singing karaoke, or indulging in delicious foods that you can see under the hashtag #EatingWithLilo.